Give Me A Label [Update]

Chapter Title: U & I

Warnings: None

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Name: Ashley
Age: 24
Gender: Cis female


Food: Salad
Drink: Earl Grey Tea
Book: Ice Station by Matthew Reilly
Favorite author: Matthew Reilly
Song: Holiday by Green Day
Movie: Balto
Band: Green Day
Place: Blacktown Library
School Subject: V.E.T Entertainment (backstage theatre work)
Sport: Cricket
Male Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch
Female Actor: Zoe Saldana


Best Friend: Eh, don’t have one
Significant Other: None
Siblings: I have an older brother and a younger half-brother
Dream Job: Author
Fears: Heights
Political Ideology: Greens, but I mostly vote Labor
Religion: Atheist
Tattoos: None but I want a few
Piercings: Ears
Languages: English and I know the Italian alphabet


Reason Behind URL: A lyric from the song Holiday by Green Day
Reason Behind Icon: I think it’s currently Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal. Because he’s awesome.

Why You Joined: I can’t remember. I followed a fandom, probably

First URL: ibegto-dreamanddiffer
# of Blogs: 1

Hoarded URLs: None

Hey, I was just wondering when you were going to update Give Me A Label? I really love it, and I'm just wondering about the next chapter. Thanks! :)

Hi there. First, let me thank you for reading; I’m glad you’re enjoying the story :) Second, I hope to update within the next week or two. I know how long it’s been, but various other stories have kidnapped me, and real life gets in the way of awesome fanfiction. Curse it! Anywho, yeah, hopefully I get it updated soon. I’ve got about half the chapter already written, I just have to finish it. Thanks again :)





did you know when you suddenly jerk awake while falling asleep, another version of you from a different timeline just died

This post fucked me up.

It’s actually because you’re heart rate decreased so quickly that you’re brain jerks you awake to make sure you’re still alive.

i dont know wHICH ONE IS WORSE

The first one’s totally worse because a different version of you has died! The second one is awesome ‘cause it’s your brain being all worried about you and making sure you’re still alive with a nice little jolt.



fics in gifs (◕‿◕✿)

● Tabula Rasa by EventHorizon

Lestrade let his grin spread wide and treated himself to John’s cup of tea since the doctor had been frozen like an ice carving for the last several minutes. Sherlock’s brother. That suave, bespoke piece of temptation was Sherlock Holmes’s brother. Which would make him Mycroft Holmes. Now that was a name… perfect for moaning when sliding around on silk sheets, bathed in candlelight…

“Stop picturing my brother in an erotic fashion! John! Help me… I am losing touch with consciousness…”

AAAHHH!!!  This is wonderful and I’m in awe my little fic got such brilliant treatment! THANK YOU!!!

I spent like 10 years of my life pretending to fly around on a broomstick and you’re asking me if preparing for a love scene was ‘tricky’ because the other person also had a penis?
Daniel Radcliffe (via hankgreensmoustache)
Hey, just wondering if youre planning on updating "give me a label" anytime soon? I love it so much and the waiting is kinda killing me :p

Yes I do, and I apologise for what has turned into a very long wait. I’ve written half of the next chapter, I’ve just been sidetracked with other stories and real life in general. I hope to get it finished and posted on both FF.Net and AO3 within the next week or two. Also, thank you for reading, I’m glad you’re enjoying the story :)

Ten days into September and I’ve already been swooped by two magpies. One of them even followed me and forced me to climb backwards over a low wall so I could keep my eyes on it. Fuck you, you nesting bastards.

Happy Birthday to Star Trek!

September 8, 2014

Just wondering if there will ever be a sequel to your Play Date Mystradey fic because I really enjoyed that?

Currently I have no plans to write a sequel, but I have been thinking about. We’ll see what happens. I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

"You are wearing a very well-tailored person suit."




still havent seen any greenday jokes….its september….wtf is going on

i guess everyone’s on holiday



"foreign names are so complicated!!"
coming from people who have 50 ways to spell ashley

You have no idea how annoyed I get sometimes with my dad for naming me Ashley. Foreign names are difficult? Why does the English language need 50 variants of my name?! People spell it differently every. single. time.

I play way too much FreeCell.

I play way too much FreeCell.



Australian Photoset #17

Want to see more?

Canadian Photoset #16

Haha I’m from Wollongong :D